Duncan Pattinson Business Transformation
Duncan Pattinson Business Transformation

Why use DP Interim Management?

Even the most successfully managed businesses can sometimes find themselves in a situation when they need to support their existing management team with an Interim Manager.

DP Business Transformation encourages SME’s to support their Management team by hiring a top-level Interim Manager. We have the skills to unlock potential by delivering improved performance through our experience and our ability to positively turn problems into opportunities.

Typical situations when such requirements arise include:

Change Management
When managing change or transition, the plan will be how to get to a desired future state.

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Gap Management
Essential in the case of sudden departure, illness or sabbaticals.

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Project Management
Your staff have great ideas but sometimes they need help to implement them and to reach your achievable goals. Or it may be that your specialists are busy and you need support.

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Your businesses may have a requirement for a senior role such as:

Operations Director
Managing Director

DP Business Transformation can also fulfil these roles.

Charles Kettering said...

The world hates change, yet it is the only thing that has brought progress.

Charles Franklin Kettering, 29 August 1876 — November 1958, was an American inventor and became vice president of General Motors Research Corporation.