Duncan Pattinson Business Transformation
Duncan Pattinson Business Transformation

Gap Management

DP Business Transformation provides an Interim Manager with the experience to act as a positive solution for unexpected staff, resources or production issues.

Planning ahead offers significant benefits

If your company has a written statement on how it offers support for illness, maternity cover or paternity cover, then not only can significant stress be removed from the workplace, but also you will be prepared for what otherwise might be unexpected challenges.

There are certain personality types in business that, with a sabbatical, would be even more focused and dependable for you.

Have you got a disaster recovery plan?

You should look at your disaster recovery plan. If, for instance, your number one sales person left, do you have a contingency plan to cope?

Devise your own Gap Management plans for various scenarios. That way, when an adverse situation happens, you are already prepared and you can tailor an existing plan to suit.

It might be as simple as having Interim Managers on stand by, or at least knowing where that resource is.

It’s a successful process to establish a company health check and, yes, it does reduce stress and work pressures.

Involve, engage and communicate

Involve your staff in your gap management plans and communicate outcomes and benefits

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