Duncan Pattinson Business Transformation
Duncan Pattinson Business Transformation

Business Transformation

DP Business Transformation understands what is required for you to sustain the competitive edge in your business by introducing an Interim Manager to focus on improving customer service, widening market share and increasing profits.

You cannot accomplish business transformation if you are unable to plan or analyse data. Without this you have no basis of measurement nor really understand what can be achieved.

Data must be drilled down so that you have parameters upon which to build.

When business transformation is used

The need for business transformation may be caused by external changes in the market such as an organisation's products or services being out of date, funding or income streams being changed, new regulations coming into force or market competition becoming more intense.

Business transformation is used to:

How Business Transformation is achieved

Business transformation is achieved by realigning the way staff work, how the organisation is structured and how technology is used. Typically organisations can go through several stages in transforming themselves:

  • Recognising the need to change and gaining consensus amongst stakeholders that considered and agreed change is necessary to keep ahead
  • Agreeing what form the change should take, the objectives of the change and a vision that describes an improved future
  • Understanding in detail the scope of the change — what the organisation is changing from and where it is going to
  • Designing new ways of working for the new organisational change
  • Testing and implementing change on a regular basis
  • Bedding in the change so that the organisation achieves the planned benefits

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